Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Seriously, 30+ inches of snow in Maryland?! I thought I was getting away from this when we moved down from New England.  Growing up in upstate NY, 30 inches was a mere dusting.  They didn’t even cancel school! But my 7 months down here have apparently turned me into a wimp, and I was oh-so-happy to have a snow day today.  And probably Monday, too, because it doesn’t sound like they’ll be able to get a handle on all this snow by then.  I had to laugh a few weeks ago when we got about 3 inches overnight and there were men using leafblowers to rid the sidewalks of snow at work.  Leafblowers.  Come on, people!

Anyway, tonight I’m bringing out a post from the past.  Spike and I have been taking pictures of our food since August, when we decided to start the blog…it just took us 5 months to actually write something.  So here’s one meal we wanted to share: Tilapia French.

This recipe was really simple, and super-fast.  Have I mentioned how much we love Wegmans? The sauce is Wegmans’ Lemon & Caper Sauce.

Also on the menu–Dr. Frank’s semi dry riesling.  I’m kind of a baby when it comes to wines, but this one is my favorite! It’s from the Finger Lakes, where I grew up, and you can get it at Wegmans stores in Virginia.

Off to bed…and wondering how much snow we’ll wake up to tomorrow morning…