Good morning! I have a snow day AGAIN today (I haven’t been in my office since Thursday), and another 10-20 inches are on the way tonight.  Crazy!  We’re heading out to the grocery store in a little bit to see what’s left–probably not much, but I’m stir crazy from not going anywhere for the past few days and need to see other humans besides Spike.

Breakfast was a mix of 2 kinds of Wegmans’ brand cereal, and cottage cheese.  Yes, I eat dry cereal.  It’s weird, but I’ve always taken my cereal dry, with very few exceptions–Grape Nuts, and Kashi Go Lean.

Fun factoid: I’m allergic to peaches, but I can eat them in pie or jelly form.  They just need to be cooked, apparently.  Every summer I am envious of people who can eat them right off the tree.  Last summer I tried one just to see if I would have the same reaction, and it wasn’t pretty.

Off to fight over bread and milk with the panicking masses at Giant! Wish me luck…