Another day, another snow day here in Maryland…

Breakfast was  a bowl of cheerios and a Fage 2%, which is my favorite of the Greek yogurts.  I wasn’t terribly hungry and saved the banana for later–maybe I’ll have it as a pre-workout snack this afternoon.

I’m starting to get used to this whole working-from-home thing.  It makes me think fondly about my time as a freelancer, before I went back to grad school, when I could set my own schedule.  I had all the time in the world to work out, eat right, etc.  It’s no coincidence that I was at my healthiest then.  I feel like I’ve gone back to my old (good) habits these past few days while I’ve been snowed in, and it’s going to be hard to re-adjust to sitting at a desk from 9 to 5.  To anyone out there who works a ‘normal’ 9 to 5 job–how do you fit in your healthy habits?

Lunch was a Kashi frozen entree: Mayan Harvest Bake

Yum!  I picked up a few of these at the grocery store last week, and this is the first one I’ve tried.  It has some super ingredients like kale, beans, sweet potatoes and plantains, and a sauce that’s a little smokey and spicy. I’m definitely impressed with Kashi’s entrees, and am looking forward to trying the other ones.

Off to prep for my next conference call…