We closed on our house today! We’re saving the real celebration for Monday night, after we pick up the keys, but tonight we went out for happy hour at Houlihan’s for a mini-treat.

The traffic was awful so we got there about 30 minutes before the end of happy hour and there were no seats available in the bar/lounge area.  The manager offered to let us partake in the happy hour specials from the regular dining room, and we were happy to oblige.  It was so nice of them!

I started with a pomegranate mojito – yum! It had a really nice minty flavor.

Spike ordered a beer, and we both split two appetizers for our meal.

Spinach dip with cheesy lavosh

Chicken and carmelized onion quesadilla

Both were excellent! We’ve had the spinach dip before and it’s always a favorite.  The lavosh thingys are delicious.  The quesadilla had really nice white meat chicken and not too much cheese, and the onions were nice and soft.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to take advantage of the holiday sales and pick up a few things we need for the new house–namely, a new refrigerator, a new mattress set, and maybe a dining set.

Happy Friday!