Happy Monday!  I was trying to decide this morning when I woke up what I’d rather do…go to work, or paint?  Definitely going to work, hands down.   The rest of the walls in our house will be beige forever!

For breakfast this morning I had another cottage double (peach this time, my second favorite) along with a Jimmy Dean D’Lite breakfast sandwich.

I’ve wanted to try these for a while–a whole grain english muffin, turkey sausage, egg whites and reduced fat cheese.  It was pretty good, though not something I’d want to eat more than once a week.  It’s nice if you’re on the go and only have two minutes to heat something up…and it’s certainly healthier than grabbing a fast food breakfast sandwich.  Next time maybe I’d punch it up with some spinach or other fresh veggies.

I had a weird non-appetite today, so lunch (not pictured) was a hot chocolate around 1:00, and a Luna Bar around 2:00 when I gave up waiting for my stomach to come around and figured I should just eat something regardless.  Usually I’m hungry for lunch at 11:00 and again around 3:00 or 4:00.  Weird!

Last night in the grocery store we were strategizing for the week ahead and trying to incorporate some of our old “staples.”  We decided on pesto, but–being short on time this week with all the packing–decided to pick up pre-made pesto.

5 minutes later (most of which was waiting for the water to boil) and voila! 

I loved the texture of the fettuccine–I don’t eat this shape nearly enough, probably because it’s usually covered in alfredo sauce which I am NOT a fan of.  But with pesto, it was great.  The sauce was OK…not as good as homemade, but good enough for 30 seconds in the microwave.

Spike had class tonight, so I ate dinner by myself.  For entertainment, I watched a little bit of Armageddon (is it just me, or is this movie on all the time?!).  I’ve seen it a million times but can’t resist…And of course it was the part when Bruce Willis says goodbye to his daughter before he blows himself and the asteroid up and saves the world, so of course I got all teary.  While eating my pesto.  Doh!

Good night!