We’re back up and running! But only temporarily. After spending 4 hours on the phone with Best Buy and Verizon this weekend, we have neither a refrigerator nor internet/TV–and won’t until March 19.  Unbelievable.  Needless to say, we will never buy anything from either again.  Period.

So after yesterday’s frustration, I had to visit my happy place–Wegmans! Ah, it makes everything better.  We stocked up on groceries for the week (not hard to do, given the lack of a fridge).  I bought a bunch of veggies and am trying to incorporate more into my lunches this week.

Lunch today was a huge salad with Sabra hummus and Wegmans’ mini pitas on the side.

In the salad:

– Baby spinach
– Carrots
– Celery
– Green beans
– Wegmans’ Organic balsamic vinegrette

These pitas are like little fluffy pillows! So soft and delicious…especially with Sabra.  This is the new(ish) lemon flavor.  I mixed a little into the salad too, and it was delicious.

We’re off to the movies to finally see Avatar (in 3D, but not Imax–sadly, we missed the boat on that one!).  Until next time…not sure when that will be exactly, but hopefully sooner rather than later!