Jules and SpikeWe are a twenty-something couple currently living in Maryland.  After living apart for the past year while Jules was in graduate school (go Orange!), we’re now back under one roof in a brand new place. New jobs, new house, and most importantly, new food to try.  However, we’re also trying to be frugal, both with our calories (slimming down for our impending nuptials) and with our wallets (saving up to furnish our new digs).  But back to the food…

Living in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, there are tons of new places to try, and we’ll chronicle our culinary adventures here.  We love to cook as well, and healthy, satisfying home cooked meals will be a key part of trimming our waistlines and padding our bank accounts.  We figure photographing what we eat and posting for the world to see will motivate us to make better choices.  It’s all about accountability!

We’re total foodies…or foodie wannabes, if you will.  Not that we’re stuck up about what we eat.  Far from it!  (Spike would run a 5k for Taco Bell…if there wasn’t one right around the corner.) We love variety, creativity, and trying new (edible) things, both when cooking together and dining out.

We won’t post everything we eat here each day, because honestly, the sad, smooshed PB&J Jules eats at her desk most days for lunch is neither art nor entertainment.  But we will post food that impressed us, inspired us, made us happy, or made us proud.  We hope it will do some of the above for you, as well.

Email us anytime at eatdrinklivelearn@gmail.com!

Spike  Jules


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