I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already…where did the weekend go?  I know where it went actually–we were painting the entire time! And moving, and packing and unpacking.  I will be so happy when March 1st rolls around and we’re finally settled in the new place.

Breakfast this morning was on the go–a Breakstone cottage double.  I can’t seem to find my favorite flavor (raspberry) anywhere down here.  This one is blueberry, which is also good, but I wish I could find a store that carries the other one.  Maybe they discontinued it?  Hm…

We broke for lunch around 2:00.  Sick of eating out, I thought ahead and packed us sandwiches.


and his!

Spike and I have been having a heated debate since he’s started eating sandwiches like this.  Is this a triple decker sandwich, or a double decker?  I say triple, he says double.

We came back to the apartment for dinner–thawed homemade tomato bisque with some fun sides. 

Our guests last week brought us some horseradish cheese spread from Saratoga Springs, so we tried that on some reduced fat triscuits.  Yum!  And of course, some bread for dipping.

Back to work tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed the weekend more than we did!


Do you ever have one of those weeks where, for one reason or another, you end up eating out so many times that you get sick of it?  That’s what this week has been like.  Between company over the weekend, and now packing up our apartment to move into the new house, we haven’t had a single dinner at home since last Wednesday.  Suffice to say this hasn’t been a good week for the wallet or the waistline.

The other night we grabbed a quick dinner at Noodles and Company — it’s up the street from our new place, and I think we’ll be going there a lot.  We both got the meal combos.  Spike had tomato bisque and penne with parmesan chicken.

I had the Chinese chop salad and japanese udon noodles with tofu.

I love the texture of udon noodles.  The black sesame seeds were really nice in both as well.  I really like having a variety of foods at dinner (as opposed to just one thing, which usually leaves me bored and wanting to snack later), so this was perfect.

We spent ALL DAY today painting the new place.  One room needed the ceiling painted, so I twisted and turned and stretched in all kinds of ways trying to reach into all the corners…it felt like I was doing Pilates!  I’m totally sore now, and we have another full day of painting tomorrow.

We grabbed a quick dinner again tonight, this time from Jimmy John’s.  On Shannon’s recommendation, I got my favorite (the beach club, no mayo) on the wheat bread this time!  It was awesome.  I’m definitely a convert.  🙂

We ate dinner at our new dining room table!  Very classy setup, complete with paper towels and napkins to keep anything from spilling. 😉

Enjoy the weekend!


The snow has started falling, and I already got the alert that work is closed tomorrow.  For the 4th day in a row!

This morning we ventured out to the grocery store, and as expected, it was pretty picked over.  We got what we needed, though, and while we were out running errands we picked up lunch.

Jimmy John’s! I got this sandwich–the beach club, no mayo–a bunch of times last year while I was in grad school.  The best parts are the avocado spread and the sprouts.

I did some work this afternoon, and a quick 40 minutes on the elliptical, and before I knew it, it was dinnertime! I picked up some sweet potatoes at the grocery store this morning just for this:

Kath’s sweet potato fries! I was so psyched to try these.  I sprinkled these with montreal steak seasoning, baked for 20-ish minutes, and they came out perfect!

Also on the menu was a Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burger.  I like these a lot–the flavor is excellent, and I like that there are actual chunks of veggies visible in it.  The only drawback is that it doesn’t hold up well when I cook it on the Foreman grill.  It gets kind of mushy and falls apart.  But it’s still delicious!

Almost time for LOST…gotta run! Good night!

The verdict is still out on whether (weather…) we’ll be able to make it to Spike’s friend’s house for the game tonight.  We had planned on making a buffalo chicken dip, but I’ve got plans for the ingredients if we’re not able to go.

This morning I had a quick breakfast of Chobani blueberry yogurt topped with some berry granola cereal from Wegmans. 

Weg’s has the best store brands–seriously, everything I’ve tried has been excellent.  Spike especially likes WPOP (often featured on our favorite show The Office!).

Love the sunlight this morning! After breakfast we went outside to survey the damage…

I’m actually resting on a good 6 more inches in this picture.  You can guess what this afternoon’s main activity is (aside from watching the Syracuse basketball game).

I also got a few things crossed off on our wedding to-do list! Namely, researching DJs, finishing our web site, and emailing all my friends for their addresses to send save-the-dates to.  Our big day (10/23) is approaching quickly!

Lunch was a turkey and cheese sandwich on a sandwich round.  The special ingredient was Stonewall Kitchen’s blue cheese herb mustard.  My future in-laws live in Maine, so every time we head up there we stop at the Stonewall store for mucho sampling.  We’re pretty shameless when it comes to free samples. 🙂

Enjoy your afternoon!

We’ve been wanting to recreate the old standby of grilled cheese and tomato soup since enjoying them in a couple of local restaurants (The Rumor Mill in Ellicott City, and Donna’s in Columbia–both excellent and subjects of future posts) a few months ago.  So, Spike set to work.

The sandwiches were made from delicious sourdough bread from Wegmans.  Oh Wegmans, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.  Inside was a combo of Gruyere and sharp cheddar, with a little bacon for good measure.  The soup was also homemade, and was quite good! Definitely beats Campbell’s from a can.  Spike threw in a little habenero hot sauce for just the right amount of heat in the background.  Definitely a recipe worth repeating!