I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already…where did the weekend go?  I know where it went actually–we were painting the entire time! And moving, and packing and unpacking.  I will be so happy when March 1st rolls around and we’re finally settled in the new place.

Breakfast this morning was on the go–a Breakstone cottage double.  I can’t seem to find my favorite flavor (raspberry) anywhere down here.  This one is blueberry, which is also good, but I wish I could find a store that carries the other one.  Maybe they discontinued it?  Hm…

We broke for lunch around 2:00.  Sick of eating out, I thought ahead and packed us sandwiches.


and his!

Spike and I have been having a heated debate since he’s started eating sandwiches like this.  Is this a triple decker sandwich, or a double decker?  I say triple, he says double.

We came back to the apartment for dinner–thawed homemade tomato bisque with some fun sides. 

Our guests last week brought us some horseradish cheese spread from Saratoga Springs, so we tried that on some reduced fat triscuits.  Yum!  And of course, some bread for dipping.

Back to work tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed the weekend more than we did!


We’ve been wanting to recreate the old standby of grilled cheese and tomato soup since enjoying them in a couple of local restaurants (The Rumor Mill in Ellicott City, and Donna’s in Columbia–both excellent and subjects of future posts) a few months ago.  So, Spike set to work.

The sandwiches were made from delicious sourdough bread from Wegmans.  Oh Wegmans, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.  Inside was a combo of Gruyere and sharp cheddar, with a little bacon for good measure.  The soup was also homemade, and was quite good! Definitely beats Campbell’s from a can.  Spike threw in a little habenero hot sauce for just the right amount of heat in the background.  Definitely a recipe worth repeating!