Another day, another snow day here in Maryland…

Breakfast was  a bowl of cheerios and a Fage 2%, which is my favorite of the Greek yogurts.  I wasn’t terribly hungry and saved the banana for later–maybe I’ll have it as a pre-workout snack this afternoon.

I’m starting to get used to this whole working-from-home thing.  It makes me think fondly about my time as a freelancer, before I went back to grad school, when I could set my own schedule.  I had all the time in the world to work out, eat right, etc.  It’s no coincidence that I was at my healthiest then.  I feel like I’ve gone back to my old (good) habits these past few days while I’ve been snowed in, and it’s going to be hard to re-adjust to sitting at a desk from 9 to 5.  To anyone out there who works a ‘normal’ 9 to 5 job–how do you fit in your healthy habits?

Lunch was a Kashi frozen entree: Mayan Harvest Bake

Yum!  I picked up a few of these at the grocery store last week, and this is the first one I’ve tried.  It has some super ingredients like kale, beans, sweet potatoes and plantains, and a sauce that’s a little smokey and spicy. I’m definitely impressed with Kashi’s entrees, and am looking forward to trying the other ones.

Off to prep for my next conference call…


The verdict is still out on whether (weather…) we’ll be able to make it to Spike’s friend’s house for the game tonight.  We had planned on making a buffalo chicken dip, but I’ve got plans for the ingredients if we’re not able to go.

This morning I had a quick breakfast of Chobani blueberry yogurt topped with some berry granola cereal from Wegmans. 

Weg’s has the best store brands–seriously, everything I’ve tried has been excellent.  Spike especially likes WPOP (often featured on our favorite show The Office!).

Love the sunlight this morning! After breakfast we went outside to survey the damage…

I’m actually resting on a good 6 more inches in this picture.  You can guess what this afternoon’s main activity is (aside from watching the Syracuse basketball game).

I also got a few things crossed off on our wedding to-do list! Namely, researching DJs, finishing our web site, and emailing all my friends for their addresses to send save-the-dates to.  Our big day (10/23) is approaching quickly!

Lunch was a turkey and cheese sandwich on a sandwich round.  The special ingredient was Stonewall Kitchen’s blue cheese herb mustard.  My future in-laws live in Maine, so every time we head up there we stop at the Stonewall store for mucho sampling.  We’re pretty shameless when it comes to free samples. 🙂

Enjoy your afternoon!

I discovered the joy that is greek yogurt fairly late in life…I actually had never tried any of the various brands before moving here to Maryland 7 months ago.  Far and away my favorite has to be Fage–especially for this particular breakfast.

I swear it’s under there! Fage Total 2% (that little bit makes a huge difference–I much prefer this to 0%), topped with banana, honey and this new cereal that I bought because Giant was out of my regular granola–Post Trailmix Crunch, with raisins and almonds.  It’s pretty good, actually.  It has a nice brown sugary, toasty flavor.

Spike loves Fage too, although he mostly uses it as a vessel to eat honey. 🙂