We’re back up and running! But only temporarily. After spending 4 hours on the phone with Best Buy and Verizon this weekend, we have neither a refrigerator nor internet/TV–and won’t until March 19.  Unbelievable.  Needless to say, we will never buy anything from either again.  Period.

So after yesterday’s frustration, I had to visit my happy place–Wegmans! Ah, it makes everything better.  We stocked up on groceries for the week (not hard to do, given the lack of a fridge).  I bought a bunch of veggies and am trying to incorporate more into my lunches this week.

Lunch today was a huge salad with Sabra hummus and Wegmans’ mini pitas on the side.

In the salad:

– Baby spinach
– Carrots
– Celery
– Green beans
– Wegmans’ Organic balsamic vinegrette

These pitas are like little fluffy pillows! So soft and delicious…especially with Sabra.  This is the new(ish) lemon flavor.  I mixed a little into the salad too, and it was delicious.

We’re off to the movies to finally see Avatar (in 3D, but not Imax–sadly, we missed the boat on that one!).  Until next time…not sure when that will be exactly, but hopefully sooner rather than later!


Hello! Posts may be kind of sporadic for the next week or so, as we won’t have Internet hooked up in the new place until next Saturday. I’m working on this from the old apartment, in the middle of a major cleaning session.

Last night we went to a friend of Spike’s house for a party, and I brought my usual party dish: taco dip!  I can’t call it 7-layer dip because I don’t think I have all 7 layers accounted for in my version, but it’s yummy just the same.  We got lots of compliments on it last night!

I start with a layer of spicy fat free refried beans

I mix together a packet of Ortega hot and spicy taco seasoning and a container of fat free sour cream, then layer on about a third to a half of this mixture.

Next comes a layer of shredded Mexican cheese (a handful or two, a little less than half a bag), followed by diced tomatoes with green chilies (sometimes I use salsa here, but I usually favor the canned tomatoes).

Then another layer of the sour cream mixture, another layer of cheese, and topped with sliced black olives and scallions.

Delicious! And sloppy. And not all that bad for you!  We brought a bag of jalapeno Scoops and another kind of tortilla chips, but ended up leaving both because there were already tons of chip options for dipping. I had a few chips’ full of this dip, some Sabra hummus (my favorite), a sample of homemade guacamole, a chocolate chip cookie and a few handfuls of cashews.  And a few sips of Spike’s beer!

Do you have a standby recipe that you always make for parties?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Until next time…

..and ready for the move! Movers are coming tomorrow morning, and we’re pretty much good to go.  Spike is very organized and likes to make lists and spreadsheets whenever we have major life changes.  What would I do without him?!

Breakfast this morning was my new favorite cereal (as of yesterday)–Wegmans maple pecan crunch.  And it was every bit as good today!

Tonight for dinner we had to be somewhere at 6, so we ran over to Baja Fresh and had about 15 minutes to eat.  I’m so glad we did! I LOVED it.  I’ve never been before and had no idea that it wasn’t just another Chipotle or Qdoba.  I had really delicious blackened mahi mahi tacos.

I love fish tacos and get them a lot, and these rank pretty high–especially considering they’re “fast food.”  I brought half home because of the time constraints but will definitely enjoy the rest later this weekend.

Spike got the blackened shrimp tacos, which he also enjoyed.  He said the shrimp was perfectly cooked.

We also shared the chips that came with our meals, and tried 3 of the salsas from the bar–the spicy roja, the salsa verde, and one more mystery kind.  My favorite was the roja–very smokey with decent heat.

I brought the leftover chips home and ate a few tonight as a post-dinner snack. 🙂

Time for bed! Gotta rest up for our busy day tomorrow.

Happy Thursday! This week’s gone by so fast.  Only two more days in our apartment! Movers are coming Saturday to move the big stuff–couches, bed, etc.

Breakfast this morning was a new kind of cereal–Wegmans’ brand maple pecan crunch

Oh. My. Gosh.  So good!! It was like eating a bowl of Christmas cookies.  This may be my new favorite cereal.  And yes, I added just enough milk again this morning to wet it a little.

I saved the green banana and instead allowed it to make a guest appearance at lunchtime, along with a Luna Bar.  Lunas are my favorite of all the bars–at least of the ones I’ve tried. 

This one was iced oatmeal raisin, which–like my cereal–tasted like a cookie.  Hmm…I’m off to a good start today. 😉

We’re finally out of leftovers for dinner, so we treated ourselves to Five Guys tonight!  Sometimes you just need a good burger and fries, you know? 

I got a small burger (i.e. one patty–I made the mistake the first time I visited of ordering a regular one, which comes with TWO patties) with A-1 sauce, mushrooms and pickles.  I love Five Guys because you can totally customize and get whatever toppings you want on your burger.

Spike went really healthy on this one…a double with cheese and bacon. Yikes.  I did have a bite though, and it was delicious.  Seriously.

How did I not know about this place before we moved down here?  I guess they have them all over the Boston area now, but I never visited one up there.

Burger heaven! Enough said.


Huge bummer at lunch today…Pot Belly never showed with our sandwiches! So the meeting organizers ran downstairs to our (gross) cafeteria and picked up lunch for everyone…which meant I was stuck with a ‘pizzeria uno’ personal cheese pizza that I could only manage to eat 2 pieces of.

That’s one strike against Pot Belly in the sandwich catering war with Jimmy John’s!  To make up for it, I had a little afternoon snack at my desk. 🙂

Hershey’s is sponsoring an event at work, so they sent over box after box of free candy.  Total sugar hazard at work every day.  There’s a virtually bottomless bowl of sweets!  I loved the Valentine’s themed York peppermint patty–it was pink on the inside! Very cute.

Dinner was more reheated leftovers from the freezer.  This was the last one!

This is a simple pasta bake with Wegmans’ diavolo sauce and mushrooms, green peppers and chicken sausage.  It looked better the first few times we ate it.  Love the chicken sausage!

This Wegmans’ sauce is probably the best jarred tomato sauce I’ve ever had.  Slightly spicy with a tomato flavor that doesn’t taste artificial. 

Good night!

Good morning!  It’s a beautiful, sunny morning here in D.C. which makes everything nicer during my long commute.  I’ve been staying up way too late watching the Olympics this week, so tonight I’m vowing to be in bed early.

Breakfast this morning was another green banana, plus Wegmans’ berry granola cereal…with milk!

Yes, I had milk on my cereal this morning which is very unlike me.  Not a lot, mind you…probably only a couple tablespoons.  Just enough to soften the granola a little.  Baby steps! It works really well with the vanilla berry flavor of the cereal.

I have to add this cereal to my list of milk exceptions (including Kashi Go Lean and Grape Nuts).

Have a great day!

Good evening! I’m taking a quick break from packing up my closet (ugh) and driving my suitcases of clothes over to the new place.  And watching my beloved Orange trounce Providence!

Breakfast today was peanut butter toast (burned, of course, just the way I like it!) and a green banana.


I had another weird lunch today at work, due to a combination of being too busy and not very hungry.  Tomorrow will be better though, because I have a lunch meeting with Pot Belly catering! Definitely looking forward to that.

We’re trying to clean the freezer out of all of our leftovers before this weekend, so tonight was re-heated turkey chili.  (Check out this post for Spike’s semi-recipe.)  Chili is one of those things that tastes just as good out of the freezer as it does the night you make it.

On the side were more crackers and bread…gotta get my carbs in! 😉

I can’t wait to be fully moved into the new place next week, so we can go back to cooking (and posting) more interesting things.

I’ve avoided my duties for long enough, and LOST is on soon…so…Good night!